About Us

We are a full ocean container trucking logistics operation providing for drayage service of cargo between points in the Port of New York on the one hand, and all points in New Jersey, all points in Delaware, points in Eastern Pennsylvania, and points in Western New York on the other. Our premises consist of offices only, in one single location. As such an operation, we never directly handle any of the cargo we transport, since it is always containerized and secured by recorded seal(s). Our conveyance is limited to the following three possibilities:

  • Full import ocean containers (empty returned after unloading).
  • Empty export ocean containers (full returned after loading).
  • Bare ocean container chassis

Although we do provide drayage service to importers and exporters, most of our clients are logistics resellers (3PL’s or 4PL’s) including steamship lines (CMA CGM, ONE, Maersk, Cosco), forwarders (UPS, DHL, FedEx), brokers, and trucking companies.  Obviously, our rates are very favorable for resale.

Our production force is made up fully of contracted vendor operators, in full compliance with all DOT and FMCSA regulations. These regulations require drug testing, equipment inspection, and insurance compliance. To that end, vendor equipment is periodically inspected. Since there is no opportunity for cargo carriage in vendor equipment, and since all vendor equipment units are tractors, physical searching is not conducted.

Throughout all points in the Port of New York, there is a security system in place that requires registration directly with the Port Authority of NY and NJ. It is called TWIC and Sealink. All of our vendors must register and obtain both a TWIC and a Sealink card, with photograph and number that allows them in and out of all port facilities while providing service to Import Export Container Trucking Logistics. All these moves are individually hard copy confirmed on a document known as a trailer inspection report (TIR) or an equipment inspection report (EIR) listing location, vendor name, company name, container number and/or chassis number, date, time, and container equipment condition.

Physical Security

As previously mentioned, our premises consist of offices only, in a single location. The office is operational no more than 14 hours per day and is generally closed on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. During operational hours, there is always a corporate officer present on the premises. During non-operational hours, the premises are locked and secured. Due to the nature of our operation, there is never any cargo on our premises.

Access Controls

Access to our premises is limited to corporate officers only. Employees enter and exit the premises only during operational hours. Visitors to the premises are limited to messengers, office supply delivery agents, vendors, and occasionally, clients.

Procedural Security

All conveyance of cargo in our operation is of previously sealed ocean containers. We have no access to any cargo or cargo manifests as cargo manifests are under the sole care and custody of the importing or exporting steamship line. Since we have no access to cargo, there are never any occasions of marking, weighing, counting or inspecting.

Not all import documentation tendered to our operation contains seal numbers. Where seal numbers are provided on import documentation, they are recorded and listed on the full container delivery receipt. However, it is not uncommon for steamship lines to add or change seal numbers prior to the delivery of the full container to our vendor. Therefore, as previously stated, each and every container move is individually hard copy confirmed on a document known as a trailer inspection report (TIR) listing location, vendor name, company name, container number and/or chassis number, date, time, and container equipment condition.

Export full containers are sealed prior to delivery to our vendors, which seal number is recorded on all documentation and confirmed upon delivery by the TIR.

Internal tracking of all container drayage begins at the receipt of documentation. At the present time, we have in place a dual tracking system. One system is a hard copy system kept manually, and the other system is on a computerized database. Our systems allow us the following advantages:

  • Preliminary advice to import or export clients of pending dray
  • Advice to import or export client of necessary solution to any problem that would prevent dray before financial penalties by the stevedore occur
  • Availability information of pending dray
  • Scheduling and completion of dray
  • Completion of equipment return when dray is finished
  • Proof of delivery provision
  • Tracing

Personnel Security

All company employees undergo an arduous screening. Several outside agencies are utilized to obtain all information legally available on the background of all potential employees and, previous employers are contacted for exit evaluations. In addition, corporate officers interview all potential employees.

Education and Training Awareness

All employees and vendors are meticulously trained in executing all operational procedures whether or not they will be performing the portion of the dray service detailed by the procedure. When training is complete, all employees and vendors are notified periodically of updates or changes as necessary. In addition, we forward handouts as received from the Uniform Intermodal Interchange Association (UIIA), which often detail recommended inspection, or procedural changes occurring in the Port of New York.

Official communication and training aside, our Corporate mission is stated to all employees and vendors, and then reinforced all day every day. Our remuneration comes from helping our clients distribute their imported goods, or ship their exported goods with an efficient, courteous, and personalized service unequalled in the drayage industry. We strive to improve this service each and every day.